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  Vice Chancellor’s Message

Welcome to the prestigious Gomal University. Transition to our fifth decade, we have the honor to remark that thousands of our graduates are serving efficiently round the globe. The Gomalian’s Alumni complex is reflected as an excellent cradle for sustenance, counsel and opportunities.

Universities are fountainhead of knowledge. The power of knowledge can’t be overemphasized in this age of corroboration based world economy. Knowledge is power; it is lifeline for nations. The nations with more knowledge are thought to be more powerful. At Gomal University, we introduce knowledge that is valuable for mankind. We train people to provide leadership in their respective field of interest. With dedicated faculty and staff, we are striving hard to meet the international standards both in academics and research equally. We ensure that the graduates of Gomal University are able to flourish in any environment with their knowledge, skills and values to qualify lifelong success. Living in this digital era, we certify that our students have knowledge outcomes for employability in the fast connected world.  

We envision excellence in knowledge as our major strength. Our mission needs inspired, creative and talented people to step forward. You are greeted to join hands with us to create knowledge for the benefit of mankind, and then go back to serve your motherland to make it more prosperous, stronger and dignified across the globe.



Dr Muhammad Sarwar


OSU Distinguished Alumnus

           Distinguished National professor


Gomal University, Dera Ismail Khan

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan






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